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Amazon Reviews: Here are Some Tips for Acquiring Reviews More Efficiently!

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Reviews: Here are Some Tips for Acquiring Reviews More Efficiently!

Tens of thousands of Amazon sellers have their accounts suspended all because of the small gift cards asking for fake reviews? Here are some tips for acquiring amazon reviews more efficiently!

It is the hottest topic in the whole Amazon e-commerce circle these days. More than 50,000 Amazon stores are frozen, and the whole circle is crying. Many of Amazon’s traditional big e-commerce sellers have been busy cutting salaries and layoffs. Compared with last year’s boom, the industry is suddenly moribund.

There are still a lot of sellers discussing the root cause of these frozen Amazon stores, and their opinions vary, which can be summarized as follows: The most typical sample is to use small gift cards to get fake amazon reviews, buy fake orders, and apply many black technologies for fake reputation or sales volume, laying hidden dangers for their subsequent collapse.

In fact, the way Amazon sellers run their stores is quite different from one another. Some sellers operate their stores in a very aggressive way, and all kinds of black technologies are emerging in an endless way. There is even a saying circulating in Amazon’s e-commerce circle: if your store hasn’t been frozen, you’d be ashamed to say you are running an Amazon store. 

After Amazon’s crackdown, I believe that the ecology and environment of the whole industry will become much better than before. More sellers prefer stable operation and seldom use black technologies, which they don’t like to use unless they have to be, so their stores are safer.

Then, sellers start to have different headaches again: when they stop asking for reviews, they find customers rarely leave any reviews. Even starting from October 12, 2021, Amazon Vine will charge $200 for each new product registered. The cost of obtaining reviews for sellers will be increased again.

When communicating with sellers on Amazon, we actually find a more efficient, relatively safe, and reliable way to get amazon reviews.

In fact, in terms of the after-sales card, service providers have perfectly developed links such as scanning QR codes, access, registration, leaving reviews, and jumping to target pages. What is missing is a way for customers to find QR codes, and the difficulty is that it is hard to communicate the information to customers.

It reminds me of postcards and registered letters. When using postcards for amazon reviews, sellers need to print out all the contents on the postcards to communicate with customers, which makes these contents a little sensitive, and many sellers are worried about this.

So why not send the QR code directly to customers in a common way: postcards?

If the after-sales QR code and postcards are combined together, it can, on the one hand, bypass Amazon’s official scrutiny and directly communicate with customers; On the other hand, the contents will become simpler, which will better improve the quality of reviews and attract more fans.

Here we recommend a postcard service provider: FOREVERSTAMPSTORE

FOREVERSTAMPSTORE team has been working on postcard (direct mail) services since 2019, physical mail is still a highly used marketing method due to their lifestyle, with 73% of customers preferring to learn about a brand through physical advertising.

They check their mail boxes every two or three days, so they don’t miss important documents like bank statements and government notices.

While email and social media are the most commonly used marketing channels, more than half of marketers (56%) continue to use direct mail, according to the MultiChannel Marketing Report by the data firm DMA. Integrated, branded and personalized direct mail is considered one of the most effective channels to reach target customers. A good example is Ikea’s product brochures, which are delivered directly to customers in 33 countries, with 200 million copies a year. 

As the forerunner of postcard service for Amazon’s e-commerce sellers, they have developed an ordering system that is more suitable for sellers’ needs, with a minimalist ordering method, clear tracking and statistical functions. Sellers can only need to place the order at any time, with destination addresses and designed pictures. Their service scope covers major locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries to ensure the delivery quality and efficiency of the postcard marketing business.

One of the best-seller’s sub-brand is FOREVERSTAMPSTORE’s first customer, which is mainly engaged in electronic products in the United States. Bobby, the head of its operation department, had a long life experience in the United States, so he realized that it was an opportunity to surpass his competitors.

Taking it as a chance, after comparing several domestic and foreign companies, he chose FOREVERSTAMPSTORE as the postcard service provider. At first, he divided 5,000 addresses from real orders into 10 groups of 500 each, worked out different versions of design elements, rebate amount and printing specifications, and conducted preliminary A/B tests.

After 1 to 2 weeks of data collection, he determined the version with the best effect for leaving reviews, then applied it to each product and started daily operation.

Currently, Bobby’s team sends out over 100,000 postcards and letters a month, and the reviews they accumulate are far ahead of other sellers in both quantity and quality, so they‘ve managed to make a lot of their products popular.

According to FOREVERSTAMPSTORE, the average response rate for postcards is between 6% and 11%. Sellers who use postcards for the first time will need to test and find the design style and content suitable for their products/brands. Over a long period of use, the design content will be continuously optimized, and the response rate will be gradually increased.

They also offer suggestions from the perspective of the private domain, such as regarding postcards or registered mail as an effective way to “activate” and “reach” customers. The key point is to categorize the products and brands they are interested in, so that these customers can be taken as reviewers for other similar products. After a long time, they can accumulate enough review resources to meet their own requirements. In this way, they don’t have to worry about agents’ resources being reused, and their stores also become safer when these customers “repurchase” their products under the algorithmic mechanism of the platform.

Of course, risks are everywhere, and a professional team can avoid risks as much as possible. Sellers also need to have good communication with customers, and there is no need to repeatedly ask them to give good reviews, otherwise customers may maliciously report to Amazon. In other words, business is inherently risky, and every step of business is made up of risks and benefits.

In this case, why not find a cost-effective way to solve business problems with a more professional team? If you’re interested in this service or would like to know more details, please contact that service provider. In addition, this service provider has some solutions for problems related to addresses.

The solutions are all thought up by people. In many cases, some operation strategies and methods are not set in stone. As sellers and operators, we should be able to keep up with the changes in the platform and constantly adjust our operation strategies. The busy season in the second half of 2022 is coming. I hope everyone has a relatively fruitful season. Come on

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