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Forever Stamp: Items that Hold Value Better than Gold in Recent Years

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Forever Stamp: Items that Hold Value Better than Gold in Recent Years

I personally think Forever Stamp may be a product worth more than gold in recent years. For example, even if you first bought a forever stamp in 2007, its value is still equal to the price after the price increase in 2022, as long as the stamp is intact and undamaged. So, to a certain extent, the forever stamp is a store of value regardless of how the inflation rate affects the country, provided that policy has not changed.

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What is the value of a forever stamp in 2022?

The price of a forever stamp, which used to be 58 cents, will increase by 2 cents in 2022. Of course, not only has the price of forever stamps increased, but other types of stamps have also become more expensive. For details, please refer to the following table.

Shipping ClassText On StampForever Stamp Value
First-Class Additional OunceADDITIONAL OUNCE$0.24
First-Class 2ozTWO OUNCE$0.84
First-Class 3ozTHREE OUNCE$1.08
First-Class InternationalGLOBAL$1.40
Postcard RatePOSTCARD$0.44


It may seem unbelievable, but the truth is that stamps are valid for eternity, which literally means forever. So, any forever stamps you currently own will still be valid next year, regardless of what price you bought them at, so stock up now if you cannot stomach any more increases.


As the name implies, forever stamps are the ticket to mail a letter of one ounce, regardless of when the stamps were purchased and how prices will change in the future. The first forever stamp was issued in 2007. At that time, they were First Class stamps with a price of $0.41. And in 2022, they will be worth $0.60. So, you can use them for mailing today without incurring additional postage.


Even more amazing is that you can even use unused postage stamps from 1847. However, depending on the value of the stamp, you must include enough stamps with your letter or package to meet the current fee rate. If you really do so, it will become a bit of a nuisance for the senders and the USPS employees, who have to count several stamps on the shipment.

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Changes in the price of first-class stamps


Value of first-class stamp

2001 .1. 7


2002. 6 . 30


2006 . 1 . 8


2007 . 5 . 14


2008 . 5 . 12


2009. 5 . 11


2012 . 1 . 22


2013 . 1 . 27


2014 . 1 . 26


2016. 4 . 10


2017 . 1 . 22


2018 . 1 . 21


2019 . 1 . 27


2021. 8 . 10


2022. 7 . 10



It’s clear from the table that first-class stamp prices are rising in general. In the history of the USPS, the price reduction of first-class stamps happened twice, but another price increase followed. So it’s safe to say that prices for first-class mail will continue to rise.


The price of forever stamps is always the same as first-class stamps. Early purchase of forever stamps is, therefore, always the cheapest. For example, until July 10, before the price increase rules for stamps went into effect, you paid 58 cents for a forever stamp and can still use it to mail a 1-ounce letter to any address in the United States. You don’t have to add postage to compensate for the price increase.


You can still send first-class letters with the original Forever stamp you bought 15 years ago for 41 cents, with no additional postage. The Liberty Bell forever stamps introduced in 2007 are always the same price as the current first-class stamps. Almost all 1st class stamps sold since 2011 are forever stamps。

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Why are there stamps forever?

As we all know, the USPS is not a charity. So why does it issue stamps that are so valuable to everyone? The USPS developed “Forever Stamps” to simplify the process for stamp users and to reduce stamp production costs during price fluctuations. Before “Forever Stamps” existed, all stamps had a monetary value printed on them that reflected the price of first-class postage. In 2006, for example, all new first-class stamps had a value of $0.39 on the front. However, just one year later, first-class postage had increased to $0.41.

If you want to use stamps from 2006, you must add $0.02 in postage to your first-class mail. To pay this additional $0.02 usually requires you to go to the post office, buy additional postage, and add it to the envelope to make up the difference. Not only was this inconvenient for stamp users, but it also meant that the USPS had to spend printing lots of $0.01 and $0.02 stamps. Every time the postal rate is raised, it is very troublesome for stamp users and expensive for USPS.

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Why do I need a forever stamp and letter?

The price of stamps will change, but the most basic emotional transmission between people will not. I have always believed that no matter how convenient email is, paper mail between people is a better way to convey emotion and that businesses can connect more cost-effectively with paper mail or holiday cards than with junk email. Customers, do more warm marketing activities. So go and buy some forever stamps, save your money and show your feeling.

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